Treating Pets Like Family

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Cat Friendly Consultations

Did you know we love cats?

catWe have dedicate one of our examination rooms entirely to cats! That means no dogs, and no dog smells…

Between our vet’s empathetic, caring manner, and the added help of feline pheromones, your feline friend is sure to have a calm and peaceful experience with us here at Daisy Hill. When you arrive at the clinic, we welcome you to wait in the consultation room, giving your cat a chance to calm down, get out of its carrier and get a feel for the situation.

The vets and nurses are experienced in behavioural handling techniques and will treat your cat with the respect it deserves. Minimal restraint works well for many cats if given the time to adapt to the situation at hand. We aim not to rush any procedure with a cat and to do as much as possible in the cat examination room.

Whatever your cat needs, we can provide with our cat-friendly staff.