Treating Pets Like Family

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Clinic Tour


Reception and Waiting Rooms

personIf you make your choice to visit us, then here is a look at what to expect when you come.
There is off street parking available for your convenience.  If you need help getting your pet in and out of the car, our nurses are more than happy to help you.  You will be greeted at reception by either Kim or Kylee.

On arrival for an appointment, you will be asked to weigh your dog on our digital scales.  These are free to use at any-time to keep a check on  your pets weight.  Cats, and guinea pigs will be weighed on separate scales once they are in a consulting room.

In our waiting room you can either sit back and relax, read a magazine, talk to the nurses, or perhaps you would like to sit in our outdoor garden area.

Our waiting room also has a variety of pet products that you can browse over.  We have a section dedicated to cats and one for dogs.  If you find we don’t have what your looking for, just ask and we can simply order it in for next day delivery.  We also have an online shop, for your convenience at home.


Consulting Rooms


When it’s time for your pet to see the vet,  your pet will be examined and treated in one of our two consulting rooms. We have one that is dedicated to cats, and one to dogs.

The staff wish to achieve a stress free environment for your pets while visiting the clinic.  Feliway is running through a diffuser in the clinic, to release “feel good vibes” for cats.  The nurses will always offer ways to help calm your dogs as well.

If by any chance you are unable to hold your pet then our nurses  are always willing to have the opportunity to cuddle your pet and help you out.

Our nurses also have a consulting room, which many of our day patients will be admitted and discharged from.



Kennel and Hospital Ward

Our  dog and cat kennels, is where our happy and healthy patients stay throughout the day when they are getting groomed, or in some cases just boarding whilst owners are away on holidays.

Our building is fully air-conditioned and heated for all year round comfort for your pet. We also have  natural light, which makes our pets feel good.  We welcome all our clients to come through the clinic and visit us, and  see where your pet will be staying, or just get a look behind the scenes.


Laboratorydog leg

Our vets are trained in many areas including pathology, microbiology, haematology and parasitology.  With our in-house laboratory, we are able to run many diagnostic tests to help us determine the nature of your pet’s overall health.  This means rapid results so we can start your pet on the correct treatment straight away.

We also use the lab to run blood tests on your pet’s blood prior to having an anaesthetic.  This helps to ensure there are no hidden diseases which may affect the safety of having an anaesthetic, e.g. liver or kidney disease, diabetes, or anaemia.




vetsurgerySurgery Room

In this room we perform all our sterile surgical procedures such as Lump Removals, Desexing, Orthopaedic and Wound Repairs.  It is well equipped with anaesthetic monitoring machines, heated surgery table, and we practice with only the highest standards of sterility.



Treatment Room

This large space in the middle of our clinic, is used to perform non-sterile procedures and to treat our hospital patients.


We also have a wet procedures area for procedures such as dental scaling and polishing and for those more messy treatments like abscess flushing and enemas.

We have ICU cages, for all pets coming in for surgery or recovering from unfortunate illnesses such as tick paralysis or hit by cars.  These cages provide heated comfort to keep pets warm and are in view of our nurses constantly.

Attached to these cages are up to date fluid infusion pumps, which allows your pet to get the precise treatment needed.  All our hospital patients are monitored all throughout the day byour nurse and veterinary staff  Kim, Kylee, Dr Anne and Dr Terri.



We have full radiographic facilities in the clinic.   We are able to provide same day results for your  convenience.  Some animals may need sedation or anaesthesia to keep them still for radiographs to be taken safely.  The room is fully lined with lead, to prevent any possibility of leakage of X-Ray beams for complete safety.



cagesWe offer an exclusive cattery, which caters for six to eight cats at a time.  Fully air-conditioned, we have 2 villa’s and up to 4 suites which all come decorated with their own theme.  We hope this provides our feline friends with some homely comforts.





dogFinally to complete our tour, we have a well equipped air-conditioned, grooming room.  Juliette, our grooming stylist is available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.