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Dentistry available to your pet.

We provide a high standard of dentistry services here at the clinic.   We believe a healthy mouth is a healthy pet.

Our practice is equipped with a up-to-date ultra-sonic scaler for maximum results.  This removes the plaque and tartar that gradually forms on the surface of your pets teeth.

We are also equipped to treat pets that are suffering from more extensive periodontal disease such as tooth root abscesses and tooth fractures.

All pets receive a full oral examination of the mouth using a dental probing instrument; each tooth is checked to measure the depth of the periodontal pockets. Once all teeth have been individually checked over, scaling begins, followed by polishing which helps to reduce adherence of plaque in the future.

Appropriately timed scale and polish procedures are important in the management and treatment of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Periodontal disease leads to pain and infection that will cause problems with eating, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

All dentistry procedures require pets to be under General Anaesthetic. Pets are only required to stay for part of the day for this procedure.

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Available here at the clinic are complimentary dental checks in which you can get your dog or cats teeth checked regularly for dental disease at no cost to you.




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