Treating Pets Like Family

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Our Wildlife

For many of us who love that we experience our Australian Wildlife up close in our own backyard, sometimes we need to take the time out when we see one sick or injured.

Please take time to help injured wildlife by following these simple steps:

  1. Observe the animal for signs of injury or illness and approach carefully. Always ensure the safety of yourself and others. If it is an injured or sick koala, bat, snake or adult kangaroo or wallaby, please call a registered wildlife carer or organisation immediately and do not handle the animal as they can cause serious injury.
  2. Remove the immediate threat and check if the animal is still alive. If it is a bird, small mammal or small non-venomous reptile pick the animal up using a towel or blanket and place in a ventilated box and keep warm, dark and quiet whilst transferring it to a vet.
  3. If you find a healthy uninjured baby bird that has fallen from the nest, you can attempt to renest the chick. Visit Wildcare Australia for more information on how to do this.
  4. Remember to check the pouches of dead kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, echidnas, possums and bandicoots for young. If you find pouch young, do not pull them off the teat. Instead, cut the teat from the dead mother and pin it to some material or pick up both mother and baby.
  5. Seek advice immediately from a vet (several vets are open 24 hours) or contact a wildlife carer/organisation. Council is unable to accept sick or injured animals. Call the 24 hour hotlines listed below for sick or injured native wildlife in South East Queensland.
  6. Council would appreciate any sightings of roadkill/strike animals or of any threatened or locally significant wildlife you may have encountered in Logan. These can be reported via the online Report your Wildlife Sightings form.

For further information or a look at all our native species found in our community of Logan City visit their website: