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Dr Briar Ballantyne

 Have you ever wanted to know more about Dr Briar Ballantyne?  Here is your chance;

Briar is our part time vet, and joined our team December 2016.    She graduated from the University of  Queensland in 1995, and has worked throughout the  Brisbane area.

Where else has Briar worked?

Briar has worked throughout Brisbane and joined us here at Daisy Hill in 2016.  She has also worked in the UK, and  India in animal shelters caring for many different speices including  monekey’s,  elephants,  and camels just to name a few.
What does Briar like most about her job?

Briar attends regular seminars keeping her knowledge and skills of veterinary science up to date.  Her special interest is internal medicine, which she finds satisfying when her patients have a speeding recovery after being sick.  Briar loves seeing puppies grow and their journey  into their senior years.  She also has a special interest in skin conditions in pets and has lots of experience in this field.


How does Briar keep busy?

When Briar is not at work, she is kept busy with her three children.  She enjoys her family time very much.

What pets does she own?

She has a cat called  Ripley  which she adopted through work.  She also has  chickens and enjoys the fresh eggs.

When is Briar at the clinic?

You will find Briar working at the clinic on Monday’s and Wednesday’s