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Kylee Stafford

nurseHave you ever wanted to know more about nurse Kylee Stafford,  Here is your chance;

Kylee is a senior veterianary nurse, and  joined the team in 2010.   Kylee has worked in the industry for over 15 years, in various practices around Brisbane.  She has gained alot of experience through working with great nurses and vets.






Why did you choose veterinary nursing?

With the love for animlas and the constant change that happens in veterinary nursing it is a career Kylee loves.


What level of training have she had?

Kylee completed her veterinary nursing certificate in 2001.  She continues to go to seminars, training sessions and do webinars to keep up to date with her knowledge.

Kylee’s career highlights, have been working with racing Greyhounds, and nursing many a new born puppy during caesarians performed.

What’s her favourite part of the job?

Kylee also runs our puppy preschools, she has been running these for around 3 years now.  She finds it very rewarding helping owners with their new puppies.  Kylee attends behaviour seminars, and behaviour webinars to help her in this job.

What pet’s do you own?

Kylee’s love for animlas, see’s her mum to quite the managery, as  she takes home strays, and the unwanted.   She has Maya (golden retriever x ), Morty, Max, Merlin, Mouse the four cats, three chickens, a diamond python snake, and a lizard. Kylee also takes home and cares for our injured wildlife.

What do she like to do in her spare time?

When she not busy with all the animals, Kylee loves weekends away winurseth friends, live music, being active outdoors, gym, dining out, and travelling.  A avid lover of the great outdoors, Kylee is always on the go.