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Pet Behaviour Consultations

Does your dog have anxiety issues?  Keep reading to find out!


Signs a dog might be feeling anxious include:

  • licking lips or yawning
  • vocalising or barking when left alone
  • barking at other dogs when walking
  • panting or salivatingdog pet behaviour consultations
  • creeping around in slow motion
  • moving slowly away from you
  • scratching themselves constantly
  • ears to the side or pulling back
  • refusing to eat
  • tail tucked under
  • being ‘on guard’
  • barking continuously
  • aggression and/ or biting
  • looking away/ avoiding eye contact
  • destroying furniture


Behaviours that can be managed in pets include:dog pet behaviour consultations

  • aggression, biting, mouthing
  • barking, howling, crying
  • separation anxiety problems
  • noise phobias and related
  • house-soiling
  • boredom and destruction
  • escaping, roaming
  • aggression towards and/ or jealousy of a new puppy


Solving any behavioural problem involves three steps:-

Pet behaviour consultations

1. Assessing the behaviour with our pet behaviour consultations to determine the true underlying cause of the disorder.
2. Implementing the therapy that is appropriate to treat the diagnosed disorder.
3. Follow up after the pet behaviour consultations to ensure the problem is being solved.

The causes of unwanted pet behaviour can vary, so pet behaviour consultations are very important. In just 30 minutes, your pet will receive a full health examination. Once we rule out any underlying medical issues, we will proceed in getting to know more about your pet, your lifestyle and its behaviour at home. We work alongside Brisbane’s own behaviourist consultant Dr Cam Day to deliver the most accurate diagnosis and most appropriate course of treatment possible.

Dr Cam Day has been practising animal behaviour for over 20 years and is very highly regarded within the profession.

Following your pet behaviour consultations, we will give you a full report from Dr Cam Day, with recommendations and training guide on getting your problem solved.

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