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Puppy Pre-school

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Puppy Pre-school is designed for puppies aged between 8 to 16 weeks old. This is the age at which a puppy learns and is influenced the most – a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to instil correct and acceptable behaviour and socialisation skills to avoid future problems. You don’t want to miss giving your puppy the best head-start for life.

What happens if your puppy misses out on puppy pre-school?

Many people with shy and fearful rescue dogs assume that their dogs have been abused, but the simple reality is that in the majority of cases, their dogs were just not properly socialised when they were puppies. Once a pup’s socialisation window closes – that’s it. There is no turning back the clock. Usually these dogs never see much of the world, which can lead to fear and even aggression. After 4 months of age, socialisation is remedial.

Puppy Pre-school is a course tailored to this age group, with the aim of developing a harmonious, trouble-free relationship between you, your family, your puppy and other dogs. It’s also is a haven for owners who haven’t had a puppy (either ever, or for a while!), and those who are worried that their puppy is probably the worst-behaved in the world!  You’ll find out in puppy pre-school that  all your worries are normal!


  • Your puppy needs to have had one vaccination, but does not need to have finished the whole course of vaccines yet to attend puppy pre-school.

 Aims are:

  • A well-behaved pup through to adulthood.
  • Knowing how to identify and prevent potential problems (barking, jumping, biting)
  • Basic obedience training (sit, drop, stay etc.)
  • Socialisation with other pups and people in a safe and fun environment at the vet.
  • Familiarisation with the veterinary clinic, helping to reduce anxiety for future visits.

Topics Covered

  • Puppy play time! – Having fun is a major and very important component of the class.
  • How dogs see the world – understanding how they see the world helps you train your pup.
  • Basic manner training – sit, drop, stay, basic recall, walking on a lead.
  • General health care – heartworm, worming, flea and tick control, grooming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing, dental care, de-sexing, micro-chipping and lots more!
  • Positive reinforcement training.
  • Behaviour – all the ‘naughty’ things they do, why they do it, and what we can do about it.
  • Recommendations for further training
  • Follow up private session with your puppy pre-school teacher to use up to 6 months later

 The Course

Duration:    4 weeks – 1 hour per week

Location:    5 Allamanda Drive, Daisy Hill which is in easy driving distance for residents from Shailer Park, Loganholme, Rochedale, Springwood and Cornubia.


Who will be training my puppy?

Puppy pre-school classes are run by our vet nurses, who are trained in dog handling and behaviour.  They have many years of experience and keep up-to-date with seminars and courses.

Every participant will receive:

  • Chew items for puppies during class
  • Handouts on topics discussed every week
  • Samples: shampoo, dental chews, food vouchers
  • Graduation photo, certificate and graduation present
  • FREE Grooming or hydrobath voucher to use in clinic


A maximum of  6 puppies in each class to avoid over-crowding and ensuring more one-on-one personal time.

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