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Diagnostics, Imaging and Radiology

vet Diagnostics

Our vets are trained in many areas including pathology, microbiology, haematology and parasitology. With our laboratory in the clinic we are able to run many diagnostic tests to help us determine the nature of your pet’s illness.

We have readily available diagnostic tests for such things as:

Blood Testing

We are able to run these general blood profiles on your pet, to determine things such as kidney, liver or pancreatic problems. This means we have rapid results, so we can start your pet on the correct treatment straight away to start on the way to recovery. For more complicated or comprehensive testing , we  have an external specialist veterinary laboratory available  six days a week.  Most results will be returned to us within 24hrs.



xray machine With our clinic  having  full digital radiography facilities, there is no need for external  trips with your pet.  We can provide same day results.   Our radiology  room is fully lined with lead, to prevent any possibility of leakage of X-Ray beams from the room, maintaining optimum safety for our clients and staff.

Booking an appointment is easy, with just a call to our nurses and we provide this service five days a week.


At our fingertips we also have Ultra-sounding available.  This is preformed by a veterinarian with experience in imaging.   Again our veterinary staff will organize this appointment with as much ease as possible.

Specialist Referral

Our veterinarian can organize referral to specialist services such as Oncology, Dermatology, or for diagnostic tests such as MRI and Cat-scans.  We will provide the specialist with all of your pets history and diagnostics along with the letter of referral, to help your pet with the best standard of treatment.