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Cat Boarding

Looking for low stress cat boarding?

Our cattery facilities offers you peace of mind, as we know that leaving your furry loved ones can be very stressful.  It can make a world of difference knowing your cat will be well looked after, kept healthy, safe and happy. Along with the great benefits of your cat being under the supervision of veterinary staff, we use a little secret in our boarding room to help your cat relax, and be less stressed when away from home. Feliway diffusers are plugged in 24/7 which release a pheromone which reinforces relaxation and happiness in felines.

Cat Boarding Suites

Our cat boarding can provide accommodation for anything from day stays to long-term stays. We have two large villas with en-suite bathrooms, and four cosy suites perfect for more senior pets with arthritis. Our experienced team will make sure to take all dietary, medication and health requirements into consideration. Our staff are all cat lovers, and we provide plenty of free cuddles along with free playtime.


Your cat’s accommodation includes:

  • Reverse-cycle airconditioning to suit all weather conditions
  • Feliway pheromones to help your cat de-stress
  • Premium cat foods (such as Hills Science and Royal Canin)
  • Treats such as Greenies, fish and chicken
  • Daily play time
  • Coat brush out
  • Dental check



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