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Feeding your pet treats

Like most of us we are always watching our waiste line, and the same doggoes for our pets.  In order to keep our love handles down, what we eat is the key.   One simple rule we like to go by is everything in moderation!

Even a little snack can be a big problem as it contributes well over their daily requirement.

We all are enjoy feeding our dogs treats, and we aren’t saying not to do it, but if you are giving treats don’t forget to reduce your pet’s overall daily allowance.

When choosing to buy pets treats, choose  a healthy calorie option. Feeding your pet treats can be very rewarding for them, but choose the right type of treat.

It’s hard but it’s time to ignore those big eyes!! If your pet is like any of us who are trying to lose weight, it’s important  not to feed table scraps to your pet until they have reached desired weight goal.

What are the best treats for feeding your pet?

Pig Ears / Lamb Ears:  great for keeping our dogs busy when they are bored and these hard chews help with cleaning their teeth.

Roo Chews: a good low fat treat, quick for our dogs to eat.

Metobolic Treat Bones:  a great low fat treat, quick for our dogs to eat.   These are great for dogs on diets and trying to lose weight.

Premium Pet Food:  ever thought how you could turn dog food into treats?  Get your receipe from us in store now!

Greenies Dental Brushes:  highly nutritious treat, works great at cleaning your dogs teeth at the same time.

If you need any advice please call the clinic on 38081085 or book in for a complimentary Body Fitness Scan.

Have you ever thought about how” our” (meaning human)food translates into pet food? 

Wow! this is so interesting and not something we think alot about when we are passing our leftovers to our pets.   The tablet below gives you an idea of how “our” food translates into pet food.


Treat translator















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