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Emma Savy

Nurse EmmaEmma is an experienced veterinary nurse, bringing five years of previous clinical nursing experience to the team. Her qualifications include both a Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

As a child, Emma was very active, spending a lot of time with horses, and always enjoyed attending veterinary consultations for her other pets. Her absolute love for animals is an interest she shared with her mother growing up, and these fond memories were a strong influence in her choice to pursue a career in Veterinary Nursing. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science, at Griffith University, and hopes that upon completion, she can continue to make a difference to the welfare of animals.

Emma’s main interests lie in the fundamentals of biology, and in particular, cytology, where she assists in identifying ear infections, urinary tract infections and faecal parasites, through microscopy. She loves helping to investigate medical problems through the use of Daisy Hill Vet’s state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostics on site and using her additional university training to identify pathogens and parasites under the microscope.

As well as the love of the lab, Emma enjoys the emergency side of being a veterinary nurse, having assisted in everything from managing tick toxicity, acute collapse and surgical repair of lacerations. It gives Emma great satisfaction being able to nurse her patients back to health after a major incident.

Being a dog lover, Emma currently owns two energetic Kelpies called ‘Indy’ and ‘Pip’, who regularly demand her attention. One of her favourite hobbies is walking her dogs along the beach during her breaks from studying for her university degree.

Emma is a highly organised, task-focussed employee, with excellent attention to detail, which is vital in maintaining a busy veterinary hospital with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. She has found the Daisy Hill Vet team to be particularly welcoming and absolutely loves her role here.