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Millie Kluck

Nurse AmeliaGrowing up on a productive vegetable farm in Flagstone Creek, Millie always had animals by her side, including a pet cow who went by the name of ‘Rissole’, numerous chickens, as well as an Australian Terrier and a Border Collie. Millie is used to hard physical work, as she earned extra pocket money during her school holidays, helping with the harvest on her own family onion farm, which she enjoyed contributing to.

She went on to work in Occupational Health for 6 years, including a role in the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital’s emergency administration department, doing shift work, where she handled stressful situations with her calm and professional manner, often having to deal with highly emotional situations multiple times per night.

As well as a love for science and nature, Millie’s true love is working with animals, which motivated her to pursue a career in veterinary nursing. Her dream is one day to pursue animal welfare related charity work both within Australia and overseas. With her vast experience in the human health field, Millie brings the ability to work under pressure and de-escalate emergency situations to the Daisy Hill Vet team and enjoys working alongside her close-knit, hardworking team members. She particularly loves meeting the down-to-Earth clientele who visit Daisy Hill Vet with their pets.

Her veterinary nursing interests include anaesthesia, in-house laboratory diagnostic equipment, as well as treating tick toxicity emergencies and nursing the pets to health. The complexity of eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery have motivated her to learn more about these interesting yet challenging surgeries in pets.

Millie is a country girl at heart and considers herself a resilient and hardworking team member – qualities that the Daisy Hill Vet team really value. Her outside interests include bike-riding as well as cooking various international cuisines, including her favourite Indian and Asian delicacies.