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Retirement Village House Visits

Exciting news!

We have organised with the management of the Elements Retirement Village to visit the center monthly.  This  call out service is at no extra charge to residents! If you are struggling to make it into the vet then give us a call today as we can help! A home service can simply take the stress out of going to the vet.

“When I heard the retirement village where I live had been approached by a vet willing to visit and care for the residents pets in their own home, I thought it would be a highly priced service, but after using the service for my 2 very spoilt terriers, I’m pleased to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the reasonable fees.

I am able to take my dogs to the vet, however as my oldest girl is nearly 15 years old, I was wanting a vet who would care for her and me when the time came for her to require more care.  I have found the vet from Daisy Hill Vet to be a very caring person who looks at the dog and its owners a as combined unit, but the animal comes first and that is what I want.”  – Julie Ferguson   Elements Retirement Village Springwood

How does this work?

retirement villageOur vet will visit each home and see each pet for any of their needs.  Our vet will also bring with them any medications or pet products your pet may need.

“Ten months ago, the vet from Daisy Hill Vet Clinic offered the retirement village a new service; to attend the village once a month to provide in home vet services for our pets.  They arrange to attend as many pets as possible each visit. They also organise to bring with them any medication or dietary products as needed. The quality of service has been excellent and the benefits have been many.

As a result of this vet service, we no longer have to battle our large and aged dog to get her into the car to get her to the vet.  This greatly reduces the stress on her and us, giving us peace of mind and greatly improving our dogs’ quality of life.

We can highly recommend this service; it is win-win”.  – Colleen Hallen   Elements Retirement Village Springwood

If you are senior resident in our area and would like to take advantage of this offer,  get in touch with us and we can arrange home visits to you!