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Ideas for exercising with your dog

  Are you searching for ideas of what to do with your dog when it comes to exercise together?  We have some come up with some easy and inexpensive ideas when it comes to exercising with your dog. Top 7 ideas for exercising with your dog… 1.Walking Always a favourite, its easy, re
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Feeding your pet treats

Like most of us we are always watching our waiste line, and the same goes for our pets.  In order to keep our love handles down, what we eat is the key.   One simple rule we like to go by is everything in moderation! Even a little snack can be a big problem as it contributes well over
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Exercise = Pet Happiness

More exercise = Less behaviour issues = Pet happiness If you are like most pet lovers, then you will agree it is also important that our pets have a happy and healthy life. We believe that providing your pet with a lifestyle that is full of enrichment keeps us all living harmonious li
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