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Why feed my pet premium pet food?

Better food = healthier life

As the old saying goes, we are what we eat. With this in mind, why would we feed anything but the best to your beloved cat or dog?

daisy hill vet pet foodYou’ve probably heard quite a bit about what you should feed your pet. “Weetbix,” “ meat only,” “barf” dog rolls, “my dog,” chicken necks… the list goes on. They all sound pretty tasty, but tasty doesn’t equate to nutritional value. It’s important for pet owners to realise that these quote unquote “diets” don’t really hold much value to our dogs.

Why, you ask? Because they are not balanced! Making dog food that meets Fido’s nutritional needs isn’t as simple as you might think, says one pet nutritionist . “It… takes a lot of dedication, a lot of work, and for some pets and some ingredients, quite a bit of expense.” Even the best recipes often don’t provide enough of certain nutrients, such as calcium.


What is a balanced diet?

It cannot be stressed enough that a balanced diet can provide huge benefits to your pet’s overall health. Our premium pet food companies spend million of dollars getting pets’ diets balanced just right. If at all possible, try a premium pet food such as Hills Science Diet, or Royal Canin. Benefits of feeding premium food include:

  • Less mess, smell and waste of food in comparison to poor quality commercial diets –  more pleasant to handle, feed and clean up after!
  • Regular, firm stools in lower volume and frequency – less to clean up in the litter tray/ around the yard/ on walks etc.
  • Less faecal odour and flatulence – especially beneficial to families with indoor cats!
  • Is cost effective – compare the cost of all the food ingredients your pet gets now (and be honest!) to the cost of a set volume of high quality diet – cost per day is even more economical when you consider the health problems you will be avoiding! Premium food companies also offer a full money-back guarantee!
  • Visible health benefits such as cleaner teeth with less plaque, a shinier coat, clearer eyes, and increased energy and vitality.
  • A healthier immune system, which helps to prevent disease.
  • Requires little storage space and has a long shelf life.
  • Less visits to the vet for ill thrift, digestive upsets, and dry and itchy skin, to name but a few of the side effects of a poor quality diet!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – a higher quality, longer and healthier life for our four-legged companions!

If you need to know more about nutrition with your pet, come in and see us. Our nurses are fully trained pet nutritionists and all their advice and recommendations are FREE to you.

Nutrition for lifestages of your dog.