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Winter cuts

Thinking it’s too cold for a hair cut??…

dogNow that it’s winter a lot of people tend to neglect grooming, they don’t want the dog getting cold and it is stereotypically just a hair cut. But it is still important to have your dog groomed in winter, even more so because the skin can get infected and itchy due to knots building into matts.

Matting retains moisture and allergens causing those nasty smells. Brushing out your dog when it gets wet in winter will help me do my job and prevent your dog from experiencing unnecessary discomfort from knot or matt removal when they come to the grooming table.

Coming in for a regular bath and blow dry will substantially reduce the work load making your dog happier and it will reduce the chance of skin infection and be more comfortable in the winter months.

We offer a grooming service called a “Tidy up”, this is great especially throughout the winter months. This consists of cleaning out and plucking ears, to prevent moisture and dirt building up in the close proximity of the ear. A hygiene clip will have the underbelly, armpits and around the bottom trimmed nice and short.

Trimming the face so your pooch can see again! This will clean odogut around the eyes and I will blend the hair neatly into the surrounding coat. To finish of your pouch will get a light scissor all over just to tidy up any stray hairs.

The tidy up is great value and includes a warm hydrobath and blow dry.

We are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment.